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3D Veterans Creates Bootcamp to Teach Veterans Practical 3D Printing Knowledge

In the world of 3D printing, we can see how rapidly the industry is changing with the never-ending innovation from passionate makers all over. One organization called 3D Veterans is playing a major role in creating opportunities in 3D printing for military veterans. The organization aims to create a boot camp to train military veterans wishing to enter into the world of additive manufacturing.

After receiving start-up funding from Google and building strong relations with the local veterans hospitals, the 3D Veterans Team was able to make a dream into reality. Co-founders, Michael Moncada and David Schnepp held their first boot camp training session just a few months ago and the veteran trainee’s produced some impressive projects! Student Veterans designed everything from exoskeletons devices to cup holders that can be mounted onto wheelchairs.

The intensive six-week program successfully trained 13 Veterans, which gave them the technical knowledge to master CAD programs like Autodesk’s Fusion 360. It is truly incredible what the 3D Veterans team has created. Going forward, their program will be looking to expand into other locations to grow the program further. To learn more about their impressive work, be sure to visit their website at!


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