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Marines Regiment to Utilize 3D Printing Knowledge on the Battlefield

Here at Havenlabs, we recently came across a story that we couldn’t help but share. The Seabees are a group of men and women in the Naval Construction Forces. Seabee comes from the initials of the words “Construction Battalion”, CB. They are a section of the Navy responsible for building thousands of miles of roadways and airstrips along with harbors, piers, and army bases. After learning about their vast history of building, it’s not a surprise that recently, the Seabees have decided to introduce 3D printing into their building efforts.

The initiative is in partnership with Building Momentum, an engineering firm that specializes in the education of 3D printing. The partnership aims to help the success of individual marines who partake in the course. The educational class lasts three days and is a mixture of education and team challenges to familiarize each member with 3D printing technology. These challenges are meant to simulate small scale, but extremely practical situations that a marine could utilize the new technology.

It is not the first time the military and 3D printing have overlapped and we can be sure that it isn’t the last. With 3D printing making it possible to print almost anything on the fly, it gives our men and women the tools and flexibility to make their job easier and keep our country safe. We at Havenlabs commend the Seabees on the beginning of their 3D printing journey and we are excited to hear more from them in the future !


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